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Biodesign In a Nutshell

Biodesign Finland organizes a 10-months full-time MedTech Entrepreneurship training program for talented professionals with engineering, IT, design, and business backgrounds.

The main goal of the program is to establish a need-driven and research-based medical technologies empowering future healthcare globally.

For entrepreneurial minds

Many of our Innovation Fellows become entrepeneurs through the Biodesign Finland program. In order to be an entrepreneur, you need to be able to see value where others have not. We provide you with the tools and know-how to do this.

For creative minds

A creative mindset is the ability to ask fundamental questions that help you challenge convention and think outside the box. We help you to grow in this even further.

For analytical minds

Previous product idea is not needed. All you need is the talent and capability to grow, which help to develop and build something new.


New high-tech mouthwash

Lumoral method is based on needs-based research conducted at a Biodesign Finland, a project by University of Helsinki, Helsinki University Hospital and Aalto University.

The dual-light therapy was developed by Tommi Pätilä and Aalto University researcher Sakari Nikinmaa, who met when Nikinmaa and his team participated in the first hospital immersion period of the Biodesign Finland project.

How do we make the change happen?

How does the Biodesign process progress and what do the fellows think about the program.

Biodesign stories

You get the support for your whole journey! Identifying the need, creating the idea, and making the invention, while getting advisorship from top experts in the field of medical technology.

Annika Järvelin, Biodesign Fellow for 2022

The three key things I have received from Biodesign Finland are a huge network, new ways of doing things and new knowledge.

Nuno Nobre, Biodesign Fellow for 2021
We will offer an exciting, challenging, and potentially highly rewarding educational experience to talented, energetic, and innovative individuals with great ambition.
Risto Ilmoniemi
Head of the Biodesign Finland
Steering Board 2016-2022
Aalto University
Biodesign brings innovation activities as part of everyday work in top hospitals.
Anne Pitkäranta
Research Director 2016-2022 Helsinki University Hospital (HUS)
Biodesign is more than a project for a few fellows. It is about a novel innovation culture, and a social platform, to build bridges between unmet needs of everyday hospital work and the creative minds of universities.
Sampa Vanhatalo
University of Helsinki
Biodesign helps us to turn our thinking on healthcare. So far it has been only an expense but now we can rethink it also as an investment.
Risto Renkonen
University of Helsinki

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