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Alcohol use disorder (AUD) is one of the largest health threats in the world, with an economic burden of more than 1 trillion €. AUD is also one of the most undertreated mental disorders: 78% of patients never receive any treatment, and 85% of those who stop drinking with current treatments return to drinking. The problems with current treatments include high stigma and complicated access to treatment with long waiting times. E.g., no self-care solutions for AUD available over the counter. We are looking for new networks in medical technologies, especially in occupational healthcare business sector, pharmaceutical industry and industrial partners to expedite our go-to-market. We seek seed stage investors, matching investment up to 600k€ Q3 2023.


We are dedicated team developing prevention technology against pressure ulster. Nosore technology serves long term bed or wheelchair patients and seniors. Nosore includes smart textilebased sensors and AI software. Nosore provides early pressure ulster warning for patient, family members and hospital/senior house staff. Pressure ulcers, commonly known as bedsores, are injuries to the underlying tissue and skin that are caused by prolonged pressure. These often affect people who are confined to bed or who sit in a wheelchair or chair for a long period of time. More than 2,5 million person are developing PU annually. Approximately 60% of the PUs go unnoticed.


In hospitals and specialty care institutions, screening the patients for renal function, hydration and urine parameters are very important, but it is extremely challenging to obtain reliable data. In the current clinical practice, it is not possible to obtain objective data without an invasive method such as catheterization, which is a cause of serious systemic infections that require further treatment or lead to death. Primary need of health practitioners is a reliable and non-invasive approach to screen the renal function, hydration and important urine parameters such as electrolytes and infection. Urisens is a healthcare technology solution that solves a significant need in elderly and long-term care, screening renal function and hydration. Data collection happens remotely, using a low-cost sensor system embedded in a diaper. Urinary data and artificial intelligence assisted analysis will generate clinically useful information.

New Companies

Vital Signs

Vital Signs developes a smart stethoscope that measures multiple body signals, including sounds, and uses AI to analyze them.

Koite Health

Koite Health is a quickly growing health technology company and innovator in light-activated antibacterial solutions for treating and preventing oral diseases. by Koite Health


EpiHeart is a medical device company creating foundation for surgical administration of advanced cell therapies.

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