Greetings from Women’s Hospital

Biodesign Team 1 spent one month, March - April 2019, in the HUS (Hospital district of Helsinki and Uusimaa) Women’s Hospital.  Women’s Hospital provides demanding specialist medical care for women and newborn babies. Biodesign team observed a wide variety of medical care units including Fetomaternal Medical Centre, Maternity Ward, Antenatal Ward, Labor Ward, Reproductive Medicine Unit, Gynecological Ward, and Operating and Anesthesia Unit.

At the care units we observed the care processes, operations, devices, environment and tried to identify pain points, problems, and challenges. Typically we spent 2-3 days at each unit and one or two more days at the areas requiring more observations and analysis.  Weeks also included countless discussions with patients, experts and professionals.

Overall we found approx. 200 needs that could be potentially be a starting points for developing commercial products. There was a variation between the observations - ranging from needs that relate to giving birth; to ways to improve communication within the hospital. All the observations will be analyzed during the spring.

Now eagerly towards for the next phase of the project!

Biodesign Finland 2019 Team 1

Eija Raussi-Lehto

Jani Kuula

Jaakko Vallila

Biodesign in practice

In Biodesign, systematically identified medical needs are solved by inventing and implementing new biomedical technologies.

Developed at Stanford University, Biodesign aims at improved medical care by providing a novel entrepreneurial program to selected interdisciplinary teams and by creating new businesses. After initial training,the team is immersed in a clinic for a month to observe its processes. The team’s sole task during immersion is to identify 100–200 needs that have not been optimally met. After immersion, the team will brainstorm and analyze these needs in order to determine the most important and solvable ones. Eventually, one need will be chosen and a solution developed for clinical use and commercialization.

During the brainstorming and development phase, the team will be aided by a network of mentors, coaches, and stakeholders: clinicians, patient group representatives, scientists, engineers, IT experts, designers, and entrepreneurs. Depending on the technical or medical problem at hand, volunteer experts are asked to participate in some of the brainstorming sessions. One or two teams will participate in Biodesign training in each year; most of them are expected to lead to commercialization either in startups or existing companies.


Project manager:
Heikki Nieminen

Postal address:
Department of Neuroscience and Biomedical Engineering, Aalto University School of Science P.O. Box 12200, FI-00076 AALTO, Finland

Visiting Address:
Rakentajanaukio 2 C 02150 Espoo, Finland

Project coordinator:
Salla Keränen

Impact & communications coordinator:
Otto Olavinen